Culture and Audiovisual
  • In the area of culture, the Cyprus Presidency will work towards the demonstration of culture as a major factor for the fulfilment of the objectives of the E.U. 2020 Strategy.  The main objectives of the Cyprus Presidency will be:

    • to further promote the social dimension of culture,
    • the promotion of cultural governance,
    • the enhancement of cultural research and of evidence-based policy on culture.

    The Cyprus Presidency will give emphasis on intercultural dialogue, on the enhancement of cultural research on the basis of holistic approaches to Cultural Governance and on strengthening the networks between researchers in cultural policy issues.

    During the Presidency, the main priorities regarding the new Programme ‘Europe for Citizens 2014-2020’, which is part of the Multiannual Financial Framework are the promotion of the active participation of citizens in the process of European integration, strengthening the notion of the European identity to the citizens and enhance mutual understanding between the European citizens.

    The “European Capital of Culture” is one of the most important actions of the E.U. since 1985.  The current legal basis is valid until 2019.  During the Cyprus Presidency, a new legislative proposal is expected for the action “European Capital of Culture beyond 2019”. Moreover, the Presidency will work towards the promotion of the adoption of Council conclusions in the development of a systematic and holistic approach to cultural governance, in strengthening cultural research aiming to the promotion of social cohesion and cultural diversity.

    During the Presidency, a Meeting of Senior Officials on Culture will be held in Nicosia on the 28 and 29 of August 2012, under the title “The Governance of Culture in today’s globalized world”.

    The event will focus on a discussion on Cultural governance (evidence-based policy) as a tool for a more effective cultural policy, on social cohesion and cultural diversity in the framework of a holistic and systematic approach for the formulation of cultural policy and on the strengthening of cultural research based on holistic approaches to Cultural Governance.

  • The overall policy priority of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU in Audiovisual is to enhance the competitiveness of the European Cultural and Creative Sectors by effectively adapting to the digital and globalized era, while safeguarding European cultural and linguistic diversity.

    Towards this end, the Cyprus Presidency in the Audiovisual Working Group will seek to make progress on the discussions on the Regulation concerning the “Creative Europe” Programme, which is the new EU programme dedicated to the support of cultural and creative sectors.. By acknowledging both the intrinsic and economic value of cultural expression in all of its forms, the Creative Europe Programme should enable European Cultural and Creative Sectors to fully benefit from the digital and globalized era, thus increasing,  the potential European added value and,  ensuring a more level playing field for member states across all Programme provisions.

    On June 29, 2011 the Commission adopted a proposal for the next multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020. In its proposal the Commission determined that the support of the cultural and creative industries must remain an essential element of the next multiannual financial framework.

    The proposed Programme “Creative Europe”  includes the currently distinct Programmes “Culture”, “Media” and “Media Mundus”, and, introduces a new financial facility mechanism to promote access to finance for small and medium enterprises and organizations of cultural and creative sectors.

    The Cyprus Presidency is closely following the Commission Communication for Better Internet for Children and will seek to raise discussions for drawing Council Conclusions as a response of the Council to this Communication.

    Additionally, the Cyprus Presidency is following with interest the evolutions on European film in the Digital Era.