A European Heritage

Sport is the biggest civil movement in Europe and it is the single area that engages the largest part of Europe’s citizens. As such, both Europe and the member states can only benefit from sport. In order to make this a pragmatic reality, we need to develop sport cooperation between the member states and the Union, as well as among themselves, so as to create the European dimension of sport.

Under the Cyprus Presidency, efforts will be made to take this idea a step further. During the Presidency both the social aspects of sports and its economic dimension will be touched the way they are prescribed in the Commission’s White Paper for Sport.

  • Under the Commission’s programme “Erasmus for All” sport has its own sub-programme and distinct budget with the aim to strengthen the social role of sports and support grassroots sports.

  • With the increasing sedentary life style of Europeans, the increase in obesity and the ageing population of our Union, sport can help towards a healthier, more creative and longer active population, contributing significantly towards the targets of EU’s 2020 strategy. To that extend the establishment of a European Day/Week of sport will be proposed.

  • The limited evidence we have at the moment indicates that sport contributes anything between 1.5% and 2% of the total added value generated in the European Union. This economic potential of sport can be utilised to strengthen economic growth and employment. Further work will be performed to strengthen the evidence based policies in sport.

  • The increase commercialisation of sports in association with the rapid development of on line sport betting, despite of any positive effects, it seems to have contributed to the rise in match fixing. A problem that threatens very much to destroy sport’s biggest asset, its integrity. The Cyprus Presidency will follow up the work of the Hungarian, the Polish and the Danish Presidencies in this area. During the “EU Sport Forum”, which will take place in Nicosia on the 19th and 20th of September 2012, an effort will be made to issue a joint declaration with the sport movement towards combating match fixing.

  • EU’s position on the revision of WADA’s International Standards, regarding the International anti-doping work will be co-ordinated. Besides that attention will be given to the rising threat of recreational doping and continue the discussion started by the Danish Presidency.