Press Release - Discussing enhanced protection for posted workers
04.12.2012, 12:13 (CET)
An orientation debate on the proposal for the enforcement of the Directive concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services, as well as an exchange of views with regard to the governance of the “Europe 2020” Strategy, are the main topics on the agenda as the Employment and Social Policy Ministers meet in the EPSCO Council in Brussels on Thursday, December 6 2012.

The European Directive on the Posting of Workers is one of the legislative initiatives which the Cyprus Presidency incudes among its priorities. On this issue, the Cyprus Presidency will update the EPSCO Ministers on the progress achieved at the Council in relation to the negotiations on the text of the Directive’s proposal and will hold an orientation debate on the provisions of the Directive οn which convergence between the Member States has not, yet, been achieved.

Posted workers are those employed in one EU Member State but sent by their employers on a temporary basis to carry out their work in another Member State. The European Commission has put forward the proposal for an enforcement Directive to clarify and improve the implementation in practice of the rules on the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services. The Cyprus Presidency considers that the proposed Directive will help towards better implementation of the legislative framework to protect posted workers and provide an important contribution in the prevention of worker exploitation. The proposal sets obligatory rules on a European level for working terms and conditions, while guarantying dignified working conditions and the prevention of bad working conditions and illicit competitiveness.

‘Europe 2020’ Strategy Governance

The EPSCO Ministers will also, exchange views with regard to the governance of the “Europe 2020” Strategy and they will present their initial positions on the Annual Growth Survey (2013) and on the Joint Employment Report.

Furthermore, it is expected that the ministers will adopt a Council Declaration for the European Year 2012 on ‘Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations: The Way Forward’, as well as adopting Council Conclusions in favour of combating violence against women and the provisions of support services for victims of domestic violence.

Over the course of lunch, ministers will discuss a proposal for a Directive on improving the gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges.

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