About the Website

Filoxenos Topos is part of our country's tradition, part of our vision for the Cyprus EU Presidency and our vision for a better Europe. Therefore the Cyprus EU Presidency website aspires to also be a Filoxenos Topos, a hospitable and a welcoming place, to its visitors.


Press and Information Office (PIO)
Apellis St.
1456 Lefkosia (Nicosia), Cyprus


The website of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU is published in English, Greek, Turkish, French and German.

The website is maintained by the Cyprus EU Presidency web team at the Press and Information Office in cooperation with the Cyprus ministries, the Host Broadcaster and the Host Photographer. The web team consists of one webmaster and three web editors.

The content of the website

The website is guided by the principles of functionality and transparency to its users. It consists of six sections:


In the News section you will find a listing of the latest press releases and features. The press releases provide updates and news on meetings and events which occur throughout the presidency, while the features enrich the news content by providing additional information and revealing other aspects of the presidency. In the News section, among other things, you will also be able to subscribe to our e-mail alerts, newsletter and RSS feed, follow our tweets and access our photo and video galleries.


The Calendar provides information on the meetings and events which are taking place during the Cyprus EU Presidency. You may also download the official calendar which includes the most important meetings. In the cultural activities calendar you will find information about the various cultural events that will take place during the Presidency.

Presidency & EU

In the Presidency & EU section you will find information about the priorities of the Cyprus EU Presidency. You will also find information on the Visual Identity of the Presidency, and educational information on the European Union, the Council of the European Union and the decision-making process of the Union.

About Cyprus

In our section About Cyprus you will find information about our country including facts and figures, culture in Cyprus and tips on what to do and experience when you visit.


In our Press section media representatives will find information about the Host Broadcaster and Host Photographer services, as well as detailed information on the facilities of the Cypress Media Centre. Visitors to the section will also find information about accreditation, our “Who is who” - guide and the Media Guide for download.


The Contacts section provides contact details of Presidency spokespersons and Ministry experts with respect to the Cyprus Presidency.

Our support

Cyta (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority)

The hosting, development and maintenance of the website have been undertaken exclusively by the Cyta. Cyta is the exclusive sponsor of the official Cyprus EU Presidency website.

Emporion Plaza

Emporion Plaza, a subsidiary company of Cyta, is responsible for the development of the site's structure. Its contribution is crucial to the functionality and design of the website.

The Danish EU Presidency

We are thankful for the support of the Danish Presidency. It has been generous in offering the structure of its own website to serve as a basis for the structure of the Cyprus EU Presidency website.

The German Embassy in Cyprus

The website is published in five languages. Due to the help of the German Embassy in Cyprus, the site will also offer content in German.

Usability and Accessibility

Accessibility has been a key factor in the development of The website has been adapted in accordance with W3C's (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines WCAG 2.0.

All major functions can also be accessed when JavaScript is deactivated. The appearance of the website can be altered by changing the text size settings. The website also offers speech synthesis. This means that you can choose to have the text read out by a synthetic voice in English, French and German.


The website uses cookies. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can adjust the settings in your web browser's security preferences.


On the website we ask for you to respect the copyright. All material is free for use and you may download images in high resolution and video content in broadcast quality from our galleries as long as you make reference to the source.