The Trio Presidency

The Trio Presidency was established in 2007, following a Decision by the European Council, according to which the Union's Member States are divided in groups of three consecutive rotating Presidencies of the Council of the EU, which form the Trio . The aim of the Trio is to achieve continuity and consistency in the work of the Council of the EU, and also to allow the three Member States, to achieve greater cooperation and exchange of expertise.

During the 18month period of each Trio Presidency, a common programme, known as the Common 18month Programme of the Trio Presidency is prepared and published, which includes the thematic areas that will be addressed by the Trio Presidencies.

The order in which the Member States shall hold the Presidency of the Council, as adopted by the Council in 2007, and which established the groups of Member States that form the Trio Presidencies, is as follows:

Member State Period Year
Germany January - June 2007
Portugal July - December 2007
Slovenia January - June 2008
France July - December 2008
Czech Republic January - June 2009
Sweden July - December 2009
Spain January - June 2010
Belgium July - December 2010
Hungary January - June 2011
Poland July - December 2011
Denmark January - June 2012
Cyprus July - December 2012
Ireland January - June 2013
Lithuania July - December 2013
Greece January - June 2014
Italy July - December 2014
Latvia January - June 2015
Luxembourg July - December 2015
Netherlands January - June 2016
Slovakia July - December 2016
Malta January - June 2017
United Kingdom July - December 2017
Estonia January - June 2018
Bulgaria July - December 2018
Austria January - June 2019
Romania July - December 2019
Finland January - June 2020

According to the Council Decision of 1 December 2009 on laying down measures for the implementation of the European Council Decision on the exercise of the Presidency of the Council and on the chairmanship of preparatory bodies of the Council, article 3, the order in which the Member States will hold the Presidency as from 1 July 2020 shall be decided by the Council, before 1 July 2017.

It is also important that according to the Rules of Procedure of the Council, the six-monthly Presidency shall be assisted in all its responsibilities by the other members of its Trio, on the basis of the 18month programme or pursuant to other arrangements agreed between them.