Press Release – Conciliation procedure for the 2013 EU Budget to be continued
09.11.2012, 21:20 (CET)
Despite the best efforts of the Cyprus Presidency, the second meeting of the Conciliation Committee was suspended today, November 9, without reaching an agreement on the EU budget for 2013. However, an important decision was taken on the amending budget no 5 for 2012, for the mobilisation of the solidarity fund for Italy. The Conciliation Committee is expected to meet again on Tuesday November 13, with the aim of reach an agreement within the conciliation period ending the same day midnight.  

Together with the President of the Budget Committee of the European Parliament, MEP Alain Lamassoure, Cyprus’ Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis, decided to suspend the Conciliation Committee meeting on the EU Budget 2013, as it was considered that the dossier did not reach the adequate level of maturity that would enable an agreement to be reached today.

“Today is not the end of the story”

Ambassador Mavroyiannis, representing the Cyprus Presidency, reiterated the decisiveness of the Presidency to reach an agreement by the deadline and stressed that it would remain in close contact with the Member States, the European Parliament (EP) and the European Commission in order to ensure this.  

 “Today is not the end of the story, we should not dramatise the situation.  The conciliation period is still running until midnight November 13, as foreseen by the Lisbon Treaty,” stated Ambassador Mavroyiannis following the end of the discussions.

“The Cyprus Presidency will remain in contact with member states, MEPs and the Commission during the coming days and will undertake every effort for an agreement to be reached until the last minute of the conciliation period is exhausted. If conditions are met, we will continue until we reach an agreement within the deadline,” reaffirmed the Ambassador.  

According to the Deputy Minister, procedural issues and some technical reasons on how to handle the three budget proposals (amending budget no. 5 for 2012, amending budget no 6 for 2012, and the budget for 2013) were the main reasons for not being able to move forward, rather than the divergence of positions on the budget 2013.

“The positions were not that far apart; we didn’t feel at any moment that positions could not be reconciled. So we remain optimistic” he added.

The Presidency considers that it was made clear by all parties involved that there is no link between the discussion on the annual budget and the discussions on the Multiannual Financial Framework.

“We don’t consider that there is any conditionality among the two. Of course, if an agreement is reached on Tuesday, the atmosphere, at least, will help a lot the negotiations on the MFF,” concluded Ambassador Mavroyiannis.

Agreement on the mobilisation of the solidarity fund for Italy

A joint statement of the Conciliation Committee was issued regarding amending budget no 5 for the financial year 2012.

According to the statement, “the Conciliation Committee reached an agreement on the mobilisation, as soon as possible, of the EU solidarity fund in favour of Italy for an amount of 670 million euro as proposed by the Commission in draft amending budget No 5/2012, which will be finalised in the overall agreement”.

This amount is aimed to provide financial assistance to Italy, which was hit by series of earthquakes in May 2012.

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