Press Release - Cyprus Presidency looks forward to an agreement on 2013 EU budget
23.10.2012, 15:50 (CET)
The Cyprus Presidency and the President of the European Parliament (EP), agreed today to mandate a Conciliation Committee with finding an agreement on the 2013 EU budget*. This follows the respective adoption of diverging positions by the European Parliament and the Council, concerning the draft EU budget for 2013 proposed by the European Commission.

The Council's position amounts to EUR 132.70 billion in payments, corresponding to an increase of 2.79% compared to 2012. The EP asked for a 6.82% increase in payments to bring the total amount to EUR 137.90 billion. The Commission proposed an increase of 6.85% to EUR 137.92 billion.

"The Cyprus Presidency and the Council agree with the European Parliament that measures helping to create jobs and to promote growth should be given a strong priority in the 2013 budget," said Cyprus’ Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis.

"However, we cannot simply ignore the considerable efforts and budgetary constraints that Member States currently face at national level and the goal for fiscal consolidation at national level. It is therefore essential to agree on a reasonable level of payments, that should be sufficient, but not overestimated," the Cypriot Deputy Minister added.

In this context, the Cyprus Presidency notes, with some concern, that the European Parliament's amendments considerably reduce the margins under the different headings which leaves little room for flexibility for unforeseen situations and that the EP proposes to go beyond the ceiling of the current Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) under sub-heading 1a (competitiveness for growth and employment).

"We acknowledge of course the differences in positions; however, the Cyprus Presidency is convinced that with the right spirit of cooperation that we have seen until now prevailing in the trialogues, a mutually satisfying agreement on the 2013 budget is achievable within the three-week conciliation period. The Presidency will undertake every effort to strike an agreement by the November 9," declared Ambassador Mavroyiannis.

"It is imperative to have a deal on the EU budget for 2013; this would not only allow the smooth implementation of the different programmes and projects to continue. It would also send the right signal ahead of the European Council of November 22-23, where European Heads of State and Government will endeavour to reach an agreement on the MFF for 2014-2020."

The Cyprus Presidency also takes note of draft amending budget no 6 for 2012. Without prejudging the position which the Council has yet to take on this proposal, the Cyprus Presidency draws the attention to the fact that the increase suggested by the Commission today, by far exceeds the amount by which the EP and the Council jointly reduced the draft budget for 2012, within last year's conciliation procedure.

For more information on the conciliation procedure and the Council's position see the Council's press release.



* The Conciliation period is set by the Treaty. The Conciliation Committee  has to reach an agreement within twenty one days of its being convened,  ie for this year,  by the November 13. The Conciliation Committee will meet on October 26 and on November 9, the meeting on the latter date being prepared by the ECOFIN-Budget Council taking place on the same day.


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