Press Release - Aiming to project the social aspect of Europe
10.07.2012, 19:27 (CET)
The promotion of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, with a focus on the social aspect of the EU and based on the underlying principles of the “Europe 2020” Strategy for solidarity and social cohesion, was highlighted by Cyprus’ Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Ms. Sotiroula Charalambous as the main priority of the Cyprus EU Presidency.

Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is what the European Union needs, according to the Cypriot Minister, who presented the priorities of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the areas of employment and social policy at the Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) and Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) Committees of the European Parliament today in Brussels.

The Cyprus Presidency will, therefore, work intensively on three pillars of priorities, which regard:

  • the strengthening of social cohesion, placing emphasis on child well–being,
  • investing in more and better jobs - new and upgraded skills with emphasis on tackling youth unemployment, and
  • strengthening the participatory processes and the involvement of local authorities, Non-Governmental Organizations and social partners in the implementation of “Europe 2020” Strategy, concentrating on the targets of employment, poverty and social exclusion.

“The key priority of the Cyprus Presidency is a Europe, more relevant to its citizens. Within this framework, three core priorities have been set in the area of employment and social policy, which reflect a strategic vision for the future and aim at ensuring a Europe of social cohesion, growth and jobs with the strong participation of all actors in this process. The Cyprus Presidency aims to underline the importance of a balanced approach, which will focus equally on financial stability, fiscal consolidation and growth, employment and social cohesion as an integral part of all EU policies in the way towards a better Europe, which ensures a better quality of life for its citizens”,  the minister stressed.

The Cyprus Presidency will also work intensely to produce substantial work and concrete results on the legislative initiatives regarding the posting of workers, the directive on the protection of workers from electromagnetic fields, and gender equality and combating violence against women. Furthermore, the Presidency will work hard on concluding the Programme for Social Change and Innovation and will try to move discussions forward on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund Regulation as these are linked to the Multiannual Financial Framework.

“Our commitment to Europe is that the Cyprus EU Presidency will work tirelessly during the next six months, in close cooperation with the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament, to ensure that the EU continues to produce tangible and useful results from which all Europeans will benefit. The way to a ‘Better Europe’ needs bridges of cooperation, common understanding and good will for ensuring a brighter future”, the minister underlined.

The presentation received a positive reception by committee members, reiterating the importance the European parliament attached to achieving the objectives of the ”Europe 2020” Strategy regarding employment and social inclusion. They also stressed the importance for an agreement on the legislative files under consideration.

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