Press Release - Targeting a general approach on EU proposal on the exposure of workers to risks arising from electromagnetic fields
02.10.2012, 15:21 (CET)
The Employment and Social Policy Council (EPSCO) will aim to reach a general approach on the proposal of an EU Directive on the exposure of workers to the risks arising from the electromagnetic fields, in its meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday, October 4. The Council will also discuss the position to be taken by the EU on four Association Agreement proposals on social security systems and the evaluation of the second European Semester on employment and social policies.

Regarding the proposal on the EU Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Directive on the protection of workers to the risks arising from exposure to the electromagnetic fields, the objective is for the EPSCO Ministers to reach to a general approach, which is an informal agreement within the Council, before Parliament has given its opinion at first reading, aiming to speed up its work.

On the position to be taken by the European Union on four Association Agreement proposals between the EU and Albania, Montenegro, San Marino and Turkey on social security systems, the Council aim is to reach a political agreement.

Improving the European Semester procedure

The EPSCO Ministers will also, hold a policy debate on the Europe ‘2020 Strategy’ and the new European Governance, giving emphasis on the procedure of the second European Semester. The European Semester involves monitoring of the economic, fiscal and employment policies of Member States.

To steer the debate, the Presidency has drawn up a paper inviting ministers to respond on how the procedure can be improved, as well as the role of EPSCO in the procedure.

Furthermore, the ministers are expected to endorse the contribution of the Social Protection Committee on the Social Protection Performance Monitor (SPPM) and take note of Employment Committee’s ongoing work on the principles of well – functioning labour markets.

Adopting Council Conclusions in favour of a job-rich recovery

An important subject for the Cyprus Presidency is related to job-creation, in particular for young people. It is expected that the EPSCO Ministers will adopt Council conclusions for actions in favour of a job-rich economy recovery and better chances for Europe’s youth.  Council conclusions are also due to be adopted for actions in order to prevent and tackle child poverty and social exclusion and promote children’s well-being.

Moreover, the European Commissioner Responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor, will inform the ministers of the outcome of the Conference on Employment Policy, under the title "Jobs for Europe", which was organised onSeptember 6-7, 2012, in Brussels.

The Council will also take note of the works on the negotiations on the European Social Fund Regulation.

Finally, the Council will take note of the preparations for the Tripartite Social Summit to be held just before the European Council meeting on 18 October.

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