Press Release – The Cyprus Presidency to rely heavily on cooperation with the European Parliament
12.07.2012, 13:44 (CET)
The Cyprus Presidency is committed to continue the close cooperation with the European Parliament (EP), according to the Deputy Minister for EU Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis. Speaking in Brussels during a two day appearance before the EP Committees of Regional Development (REGI) and Constitutional Affairs (AFCO), the Deputy Minister also noted that a newly reformed and efficient Cohesion Policy will constitute a key tool for growth across the EU.

The Cyprus Presidency is strongly committed to engage in a continuous dialogue and cooperation with the EP in order to bring to fruition the targets set by the Cyprus Presidency priorities. Ambassador Mavroyiannis, who presented the priorities of the Cyprus Presidency to the REGI and AFCO committees of the EP on July 11 and 12, also stressed that the Cyprus Presidency will work on facilitating a timely agreement for the new legislative package of the Cohesion Policy, while it will also focus on the advancement of the policy’s territorial perspective.

During his presentation at the AFCO committee, the Deputy Minister emphasized that in these challenging times, the support of the EP is essential.

He welcomed the launch of the European Citizens Initiative and congratulated the committee for its active engagement in bringing this into reality.

“Bringing Europe closer to its citizens and enabling their active participation, and therefore ownership in the making of our common future, is the best guarantee for continuing the success of the European project and strengthening participatory democracy,” said Ambassador Mavroyiannis.

The Deputy Minister stressed the fact that the EP’s contribution was essential for the Cyprus Presidency to successfully perform its role during the next six months.

During his presentation at the AFCO committee, the Deputy Minister exchanged views with the MEPs on several issues relevant to the Cyprus Presidency, including the EP’s right of inquiry, the European political parties and the EU accession to European Convention on Human Rights, as well as inter-institutional issues of a more general nature.

Towards a more efficient Cohesion Policy

One of the Cyprus Presidency’s main priorities is to facilitate the timely agreement of the new legislative package of the Cohesion Policy. With this in mind, the Deputy Minister underlined that the legislative package’s adoption will follow the designated route outlined by the Treaty of Lisbon, which provides the EP with a more prominent role.

“Member States and regions need to prepare well ahead of the beginning of the new programming period in order to initiate smoothly the implementation of the new Programmes. Therefore, we commit as a Presidency to do our utmost in order to achieve the best possible progress in these negotiations.” said Ambassador Mavroyiannis to the REGI committee. 

The Deputy Minister outlined the vision for the new reformed Cohesion Policy, to be more efficient and results-oriented. While maintaining its objective for economic, social and territorial cohesion through its basis on the fundamental principle of solidarity, a reformed Cohesion Policy will also enhance the efforts for stimulating investment, growth and the creation of jobs.

Ambassador Mavroyiannis identified it as a possible key tool in carrying out structural reforms across the Union.

The Deputy Minister also stressed that the Cyprus Presidency will also place great emphasis on the advancement of the Cohesion Policy’s territorial approach.



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