Press Release - More and swifter justice for EU citizens
17.07.2012, 14:01 (CET)
Productive discussions took place in today's meeting between the Minister of Justice Mr. Loucas Louca and the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (EP) in Lefkosia (Nicosia).

Improving certain justice policies and practices for the benefit of EU citizens was the focus of attention at the meeting between Cyprus Minister of Justice and Public Order Mr. Loucas Louca and members of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. Continuing their close collaboration, the Minister and the EP Committee met this morning at the EU House in Lefkosia (Nicosia), where they had a productive and in-depth discussion on four important justice issues.

Protection of victims of violence in civil matters

When asked by the MEPs on how the Cyprus Presidency further promotes the Regulation on mutual recognition for protection measures for victims of violence in civil matters, the Minister pointed out that the completion of the discussions on this issue is a priority for the Presidency. He also noted that this particular regulation constitutes a basic component of a whole set of proposals, the so-called Victims’ Package. He further highlighted that, continuing the effort of the Danish Presidency, the Presidency will work towards solving a number of technical aspects that have arisen.

Saving time and money in cross-border legal disputes

The two sides discussed the steps that should be taken towards the final adoption of the amendment of the Brussels I Regulation, a set of vitally important rules for resolving cross-border disputes, as it determines which court has jurisdiction in cross-border cases and how court judgments issued in one EU Member State are recognised and enforced in another EU country. The proposed amendments aim to simplify the current procedure, by abolishing costly and complicated judicial procedures that slow down cross-border enforcement.

Tackling accumulated backlog of cases before the EU Court of Justice

Another important subject on the agenda was the proposed amendments to the Statute of the EU Court of Justice which aim at improving the work of the institution and address the increased volume of cases and its accumulated backlog.

The challenge is to come up with the right balance, since certain aspects of the proposal (for example increasing the number of Court judges) involve increased costs.

“The aim is to examine a number of possible options, in order to find a compromise by December that will satisfy everybody”, the minister said.

A single law for cross-border contracts

Another topic of the discussion was the Commission’s proposal for an optional Common European Sales Law that intends to help break down barriers to cross-border trade in the Single Market and give consumers more choice and a high level of protection.

The minister gave an overview as regards the progress on this issue, which was initially discussed during the Polish Presidency. While clarifying that it does not constitute a priority of the Cyprus Presidency, he confirmed that the discussions on the issue will advance at working group level. Furthermore, he highlighted the serious and complex legal aspects arising, stressing that “it is evident that, being the Presidency, we must give all the time needed in order for all parties involved to thoroughly examine their position and we must listen to what they have to say very carefully”.

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