Press Release - Cyprus EU Presidency looking Towards a Better Europe
02.07.2012, 16:16 (CET)
The vision and the expectations of the Cyprus Presidency were presented today in Brussels by Deputy Minister, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis, who emphasised that the Presidency will work 'Towards a Better Europe’. The priorities of the Cyprus Presidency were presented in a joint press conference with the Danish Permanent Representative to the EU, Ambassador Jeppe Tranholm – Mikkelsen.

Cyprus has set four main priorities for its six month presidency, aiming to work towards a Europe, more efficient and sustainable, with a better performing and growth based economy, a Union more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion and a Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours.

It was clearly stated that the most important issue the Cyprus Presidency will deal with is the negotiations of the new Multiannual Financial Framework 2014 – 2020, aiming to reach an agreement by the end of 2012, in line with the European Council conclusions of June 2012.

The Deputy Minister stressed that “it is important to have a fair and efficient budget, delivering growth and enhancing competitiveness, enhancing employment and fulfilling the goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy and based on the principle of solidarity, contributing to economic, social and territorial cohesion”. He further elaborated on the roadmap of the Cyprus Presidency for the conclusion of the negotiations of the Multiannual Financial Framework, following the community method and in close cooperation with the President of the European Council and the European Parliament.

Deputy Minister Andreas D. Mavroyiannis

The Cypriot Deputy Minister also mentioned that it is imperative to focus on the new enhanced framework of economic governance and the need to promote both, fiscal consolidation and sustainable economic growth measures. “We need to take into account the Compact for Growth and Jobs, the new environment being created.” He also stated that the best way to tackle unemployment is “by boosting growth and job creation, with emphasis on the younger generations.”

Ambassador Mavroyiannis assured that the Presidency will work in close cooperation with the other Member States and the EU institutions, in order to work in a pragmatic and practical way Towards a Better Europe. Cyprus, during its Presidency, aims to promote Europe as ‘filoxenos topos’ (hospitable space), which is “part of our aspiration of EU more relevant to its citizens and in the world; a hospitable space for enterprises, ideas, services, innovation, culture”, as the Cypriot Deputy Minister said. He also congratulated the Danish Presidency for the work achieved during the last six months and warmly thank for their cooperation.

The Danish Permanent Representative presented the achievements of the Danish Presidency and mentioned a number of dossiers completed with the European Parliament, such as the Energy Efficiency Directive, which was the most important goal of their green agenda. Ambassador Tranholm – Mikkelsen noted also the progress achieved on issues, such as the ‘two-pack’, the financial services area and the negotiating box for the new Multiannual Financial Framework. The Danish Presidency aimed for tangible and concrete results, so as to bring the EU out of the crisis and to ‘build bridges over the divisions’ in the Union.   

The press conference took place today, July 2 at 12:30 (CET) at the Council building, in the Justus Lipsius Press Room.

Watch the video from the Press Conference here.

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