Press Release - Restoring growth through EU Regions’ diversity and territorial potential
18.07.2012, 16:54 (CET)
The Deputy Minister for EU Affairs, Andreas D. Mavroyiannis today called for a solid local and regional partnership to streamline local potential and restore growth dynamics throughout the EU. The Deputy Minister presented the priorities of the Cyprus Presidency to the plenary session of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) in Brussels.

The Cyprus Presidency will work in close cooperation with the Committee of the Regions to utilise the Committee’s unique knowledge on the territorial needs and local potential of the EU. Speaking before the plenary session of the CoR, the Deputy Minister outlined the Cyprus Presidency work programme and emphasised its priority for sustainable and inclusive growth.

Ambassador Mavroyiannis stressed that territorial diversity and potential constitute driving forces of the EU and could aid the Union in addressing and overcoming new challenges and adverse globalised conditions.  

“If European policies are to be successfully implemented, a bottom up approach is needed, adjusted and tailored to the regions’ specific needs. On the other hand, bearing in mind that a large range of unexplored potential lays throughout European territories, seizing and unleashing this potential can create new growth opportunities and restore growth dynamics throughout the EU,” said the Deputy Minister.

While noting that the CoR assembly is by definition one of the closest bodies to European citizens and territories, Ambassador Mavroyiannis highlighted the potential of the CoR to come up with EU policies tailored to the territorial dimension.

The Deputy Minister underlined that the CoR’s specific knowledge, in conjunction with its political legitimacy constitutes a key tool which can be used productively, not only for quality policy planning but also for bringing the EU closer to its citizens. He also emphasized that in order to win back Europe’s credibility, cooperation and strong institutional partnerships are imperative. 

"We count on the CoR to build up strong institutional and grass-rooted partnerships. Local skills will then prove their worth and ability to carry on European policies, boosting employment and contribute to a broad based recovery. Only then can we achieve concrete results and consolidate sustainable growth efforts towards a ‘Better Europe’, the Cyprus presidency vision," concluded the Cypriot Deputy Minister.

The outgoing President of CoR, Ms Mercedes Bresso emphasised that the Cyprus Presidency has come at a crucial time for future financial resources and stated that Europe must be perceived as part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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