Press Release - The Cyprus Presidency calls for collective effort in striving 'Towards a Better Europe'
11.07.2012, 16:07 (CET)
The Deputy Minister for EU Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis today called for a collective effort and the contribution of all EU institutions and social partners in fulfilling the vision of the Cyprus Presidency in placing the citizens back at the forefront of EU policy. The Deputy Minister presented the priorities of the Cyprus Presidency to the plenary session of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels. The Presidency is determined to work ‘Towards a Better Europe’, which constitutes a concrete objective to be materialised throughout the work programme of the Presidency. 

The Cyprus Presidency will work to place the focus of policies back on the European citizens and will look to cooperate extensively with all the European institutions, according to Ambassador Mavroyiannis. Speaking before the plenary session of the EESC,  the Deputy Minister outlined the vision of working ‘Towards a Better Europe’, and emphasised the priority of ‘A Europe more relevant to its citizens’; a concrete objective that is mainstreamed throughout the Cyprus Presidency work programme. 

“A Better Europe is for the citizens. To achieve this goal we must put back the European citizen at the heart of our policies. A “Better Europe” can only be accomplished through active participation by all institutions,“ said Ambassador Mavroyiannis at a joint press conference with the EESC President Mr Staffan Nilsson.

The Deputy Minister underlined how the Cyprus Presidency will promote the partnership principle, emphasising that the cooperation of all institutions is needed for visible and concrete results to be achieved for the European citizens.

The Cyprus Presidency holds in high regard the EESC’s longstanding experience and prominent role for social dialogue and considers it integral in re-invigorating participatory democracy throughout the EU and beyond.  

Ambassador Mavroyiannis stressed that the impetus of a vibrant civil society is now needed more than ever to achieve ownership of the European agenda, restore Europe’s credibility and bridge the “democracy gap”.  

 “We count on EESC’s role to re-invigorate civil society involvement and to win back a shared understanding of the European agenda priorities; where EU stands and where it shall go through democratic governance. Only then Europe can win back relevance among its citizens and on the global stage” concluded the Deputy Minister. 

The President of the EESC Mr Staffan Nilsson emphasized that the EESC is looking forward to a close cooperation with the Cyprus Presidency and added  “We are here to support the Cyprus Presidency and give voice to the civil society“.

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