Press release – 2013 budget and unitary patent at the last EP Plenary Session during Cyprus Presidency
10.12.2012, 14:41 (CET)
The annual EU Budget for 2013, the unitary patent, preparations for the European Council meeting taking place on Thursday and Friday and other key issues concerning the EU will be discussed during the European Parliament’s Plenary Session taking place between December 10 and 13 in Strasbourg. On behalf of the Council, the Cyprus Presidency will intervene on these issues via Cyprus’ Justice and Public Order Minister, Mr. Loucas Louca on Tuesday and Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, December 11, Mr. Louca will intervene on behalf of the Council in the debate on the unitary patent protection package, on the Draft amending budget 6/2012 and 2013 budget and on the enhanced cooperation procedure on the financial transactions tax.

Unitary patent protection package

On Tuesday, 11 Mr. Louca will take part on the joint debate concerning the establishment of a unitary patent system valid across 25 countries of the EU. Today’s Competitiveness Council (December 10) is expected to endorse the package (which is composed of the Unified Patent Protection (UPP) Regulation, the translations Regulation and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) agreement). Therefore, if the Parliament gives a positive vote on Tuesday, the EU will get a much-desired single patent system, after thirty years of efforts. 

The legal framework for establishing this system will provide for simple and cost-efficient access to high quality patents valid throughout 25 Member States of the EU (Italy and Spain opted out of participating in the enhanced cooperation). At the same time it will offer predictable and efficient judicial enforcement of such patents.

Budget for 2013

Also on Tuesday, Cyprus’ Justice and Public Order Minister will intervene on the debate on the draft amending budget 6/2012 and Budget for 2013. After long and difficult negotiations, an agreement between the Council and the Parliament was reached on November 29 on a "draft package", pending confirmation by both sides. This came following the presentation of a new draft budget for 2013, after a Conciliation Committee had failed to reach an agreement on a joint text on the 2013 budget within the 21-day period foreseen by the Treaty with a November 13 deadline. In line with the agreement reached on November 29, as well as with the agreed calendar, the Council last Thursday, December 6, formally adopted its positions on the new draft budget for 2013 and on draft amending budget No 6 for 2012.

The agreement provides for additional resources within the 2012 EU budget in order to address a shortfall of payments, while within the 2013 EU budget it gives priority to spending on measures enhancing growth and jobs, at the same time taking account of member states' consolidation efforts.

The Presidency and Council look forward to the Parliament also formally approving the package of the 2013 EU budget and draft amending budget no 6 for 2012 with a Plenary vote, which is scheduled for Wednesday 12 December.

Later on the same day, Mr. Louca will also make a statement concerning the enhanced cooperation procedure on the financial transactions tax. The report from European Parliament Vice President, MEP Mrs. Anni Podimata, on a common system for taxing financial transactions will be discussed on that day.

Preparations for the European Council meeting

On Wednesday, December 12, a debate will be held on the preparations of the European Council meeting which will take place on December 13-14. Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis, will make a statement on behalf of the Council.

During the debate there will be a discussion and presentation of the priorities ahead of the summit, with the main issue being the completion of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). The discussion during the Summit will be based on the report published last week by the President of the European Council, in close collaboration with the Presidents of the Commission, the Eurogroup and the ECB, that presents a roadmap for the next steps required to complete EMU as part of a comprehensive process that is expected to take place in three stages.

The Cyprus Presidency, represented by the Deputy Minister for European Affairs will participate in the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in the European Parliament which will take place on Wednesday 12 December at 9.00  am CET.

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