Press release - First intervention of the Cyprus Presidency at the European Parliament Plenary
04.07.2012, 21:02 (CET)
On the third plenary day of the European Parliament, the Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis intervened on some key issues of the EU agenda: project bonds, Schengen and the Statute of the Court of Justice of the EU 

Ambassador Mavroyiannis, who represented the Cyprus Presidency, participated in the debate on project bonds and on the Statute of the Court of Justice of the EU (ECJ). The Cypriot Deputy Minister also participated in the Council and Commission statements regarding breaches of Schengen rules.  

The Project Bonds Initiative seeks to stimulate investment in infrastructure at the European level. The aim is to enhance the credit rating of private organisations which need to raise private funds for the infrastructure projects they promote. Ambassador Mavroyiannis stressed that "It is particularly encouraging that the proposal for a pilot phase of the Project Bond Initiative has been brought to a successful and timely conclusion, as stimulating investment in infrastructure is a key element in supporting growth and creating jobs".  

Regarding the Statute of the ECJ, the aim of the two relevant proposals is to increase the efficiency of the ECJ's work. The Deputy Minister stressed the importance of the issue and stated that the Cyprus Presidency looks forward to the positive vote of the Parliament tomorrow on the two specific proposals.

With respect to the Court of Justice’s proposal for an increase in the number of judges at the General Court, the Deputy Minister noted that “we look forward to continuing the excellent cooperation with the Parliament on the outstanding elements of the Court's proposal and I am certain that we can reach an early and acceptable solution.”  

He also thanked the Danish Presidency on its work to complete the files.

Voting on the issues of project bonds and the ECJ Statute will take place tomorrow in the European Parliament.  A positive vote is expected.

Concerning the breaches of Schengen rules, the Ambassador Mavroyiannis concluded his intervention by stating that “the Cyprus Presidency is ready to work constructively with the European Parliament on both the Schengen evaluation mechanism proposal and the Schengen Borders Code proposal.”

“We therefore very much hope that a way can be found which will enable Parliament to reconsider its decision to suspend its work on the Schengen Governance Package. This would enable us to work together to reach agreement on this very important matter as soon as possible,” the Deputy Minister said.

Moreover, the Cypriot Deputy Minister also made three statements at the Plenary on behalf of the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy regarding the situation in Syria, in Egypt and in Georgia.

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