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20.08.2012, 11:00 (CET)
The “Kypria” international cultural festival celebrates 20 years and its inclusion in the calendar of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU could be considered a fitting anniversary gift. Multiculturalism and cultural interaction will be the main messages of the festival, according to Mr....
16.08.2012, 10:48 (CET)
Cypriot cuisine is undoubtedly be one of the main “attractions” of the Presidency. Over the years, the various conquerors and habitants of Cyprus have affected the local cuisine. Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Ottomans and British all left their marks on the Cyprus cuisine....
13.08.2012, 13:18 (CET)
During the first month of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU, the ‘Filoxenia’ Conference Centre welcomed over 2,000 visitors and hosted 14 meetings, almost half the total number of meetings held in Cyprus that month. The ‘Filoxenia’, along with the ‘CYPRESS’ Media Centre do not merely serve as a hub for visiting journalists and delegates, but also provide a welcoming space for visitors to be introduced to the island of Cyprus and its legacy....
10.08.2012, 17:54 (CET)
An estimated four billion people worldwide are watching the 30th modern edition of the Olympic Games in London this August. With more than 10,500 athletes from 36 different sports taking part, sport undoubtedly holds a global reach, while it constitutes the biggest civil movement in the European Union....
08.08.2012, 09:54 (CET)
“Great is the might of the sea”, said ancient Greek historian Thucydides. For four and a half months in Lemesos (Limassol), Cyprus’ largest coastal city, the International Sea Festival “Nautilus” 2012 will showcase events inspired by the marine world....
06.08.2012, 16:08 (CET)
Throughout the Cyprus EU Presidency the Filoxenia Conference Centre and the Cypress Media Centre serve as a base for the great number of delegates and journalists from all around Europe. While the pieces of art found in different places within the facilities could hardly go unnoticed, few visitors are aware of the intriguing stories and meanings behind them....
03.08.2012, 10:01 (CET)
In the six months from July to December, it is estimated that some 40,000 people will make their way to the island as part of activities relating to the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU. Visitors to Larnaca International Airport will have the opportunity to experience an exhibition of interactive artworks that explore the emotions of a traveller and the relationship to the journey “from arrival to departure”....
02.08.2012, 11:09 (CET)
Nature and history have long provided inspiration for artists to celebrate and immortalize their environment, surroundings and past. This long-lasting inspiration is on display at the “Maniera Cypria” exhibition in Lemesos (Limassol) until the 12th of August, as ancient findings from the Lemesos district are paired with modern interpretations of the collective historical, mythological and hagiographical past of the area....
30.07.2012, 16:00 (CET)
EU institutions still have much to do with regard to the adoption of the new package on data protection. The Cyprus Presidency is optimistic that a partial general approach on certain aspects of the package can be achieved by the end of the year. The Cyprus Presidency was praised for its work in promoting the new package on data protection, during the recent Informal Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council....
24.07.2012, 13:58 (CET)
Car transport constitutes the most widely used mode of transport within the 27 member states of the EU (EU27) with a share of some 83.3 per cent of inland passenger transport in 2008. Despite a steady decrease in the number of road deaths across the EU, the need for a more comprehensive and multidimensional approach has become more apparent in recent years, since the EU objectives in the area have not been met....
01.07.2012, 10:48 (CET)
Shakespearean plays, classical music concerts and ancient Greek drama; the ancient Amphitheatre of Curium has long been regarded as the pinnacle of venues when it comes to artistic performances in Cyprus. It is no surprise therefore that the amphitheatre, built on a hill overlooking the sea, was chosen as the ideal setting for the start of Cyprus’ greatest moment in its European history, the assumption of the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU....
29.06.2012, 17:57 (CET)
There is no doubt that the Presidency of the EU Council will present enormous challenges for Cyprus in many ways. One of these challenges is how to keep local journalists and correspondents based in Brussels informed on discussions and decisions to be taken that could have an important impact on our daily lives and the course of Europe as a whole....
22.06.2012, 08:06 (CET)
As Cyprus prepares to assume its first Presidency of the Council of the European Union, there is certainly no shortage of challenging items on the agenda over the next six months. The issue of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) is the number one priority for Cyprus’ Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Mr....
22.06.2012, 08:02 (CET)
Cyprus’ European cultural identity and the island’s role as an inspiration for European artists through the centuries will be on display in Brussels until the end of September, at the historic BOZAR (Palais des Beaux-Arts). The exhibition “Mapping Cyprus: Crusaders, Traders and Explorers”, open to the public since yesterday at the Bozar Expo, will be a window to the rich history of Cyprus during almost eight centuries of European and Ottoman rule....
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