Press Release - Primary Health Care: An Innovative Multidisciplinary approach
10.10.2012, 13:32 (CET)
Best practices and ideas for innovative approaches for the provision of quality health care at the lowest cost were exchanged and discussed during a joint meeting between the Chief Medical, Nursing and Dental Officers of EU Member States that took place between October 9-10 in the framework of the Cyprus Presidency.

The conclusions of the joint meeting showed that a multidisciplinary approach to health is the cornerstone of primary health care, with the use of innovative approaches having the ability to contribute decisively to ensure healthy and active ageing, while providing quality and low cost health services and thus ensuring their financial sustainability.

The discussions focused on improving the quality of healthcare through innovative processes, with particular emphasis on the role to be played by primary health care, taking into account the challenges the health care systems are facing today associated with the ageing population, the continuous growth of health spending and the increasing demands of patients. The meeting was attended by Deputy Director of the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Consumers, Mr Martin Seychell, Dr Hans Kluge of the World Health Organisation (WHO) who spoke on behalf of the Regional Director Dr Jakab Zsuzsanna, Dr Poul Eric Petersen, also from the WHO, as well as officials from various universities and other organisations.  

The meeting also recognised the need for effective and continuous training of all health professionals as well as highlighting the role and the need for holistic and humanistic approaches towards patients. In addition, the importance of cooperation among all health professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists, as well as other entities, was stressed.

Furthermore, a report prepared by the European Observatory regarding the existing health care system of Cyprus was presented.

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Ministry of Health

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