Press Release - The imperative need of applying the Convention on biodiversity
19.10.2012, 09:42 (CET)
The imperative need for efforts to protect biodiversity to focus on the application of the Convention on Biological Diversity, was stressed by Cyrpus’  Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Sofoclis Aletraris during his address at the Conference on Biological Diversity on behalf of the European Union and its Member States in Hyderabad, India. The Conference started on October 8 and concludes today.

During the Plenary of the meeting, Mr. Aletraris outlined the European Union’s positions and expectations on the key issues. The Cypriot Minister travelled to Hyderabad on Tuesday, along with the ministerial branch of the Conference.

Mr. Aletraris highlighted the need for an immediate focus of all efforts to the implementation of the Convention and for setting tangible results. In this respect, the minister explained that the European Union has already adopted a new and ambitious Biodiversity Strategy, building on a set of targets, and its Member States are now developing their own national strategies.

Resources should be increased

Mr. Aletraris went on to emphasise the need to substantially increase financial, human and technical resources for biodiversity from all possible sources, in conjunction with the effective implementation of the Convention and its Strategic Plan. He mentioned that the European Union and its Member States are making significant contributions to biodiversity funding – domestically and globally. Between 2006 and 2010, the EU committed around € 1.7 billion annually, on average, for biodiversity-related aid at global level. During the same period, EU biodiversity assistance more than doubled; from € 1.3 billion in 2006 to € 3 billion in 2010.

Incorporating biodiversity in the decision making process

The Cypriot Minister said that additional resources must also come from mainstreaming biodiversity in all sectors and highlighted the importance of incorporating biodiversity values in the decision making process.. The minister noted the magnitude of the challenge in funding biodiversity, while advocating the requirement of mobilising new types of funding sources, not least from promoting green economy and innovative financial mechanisms.

Regarding marine biodiversity, Mr. Aletraris also highlighted the need for its better conservation and more sustainable use and the great importance the EU attaches to the identification of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas.

The Conference will be concluded on Friday.

Advisor, Communications Officer
Nikos Georgiades

Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment
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