The logo of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU

The Logo

The logo of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council relay a powerful visual story about Cyprus’ EU Presidency of the second half of 2012. The logo expresses in a simple but eloquent manner the personality of Cyprus as the country presiding the Council.

The idea – towards a ‘Better Europe'

The ship, which embodies the island character of Cyprus and its long maritime tradition, hoists the sails and steers for a new journey having as destination the heart of Europe, carrying with it the spirit and enthusiasm for the first Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU. While sailing, it becomes a bird, the universal symbol of peace and the herald of the message the Cyprus Presidency wishes to share: the vision for a ‘Better Europe'.

The message

The ship, painted in the blue colour of the European flag, sails towards a ‘Better Europe', a Europe dedicated to the fundamental principle of solidarity and one which is in a position to face more effectively the challenges of today and ensure the cohesion of the European edifice. A Better Europe, more hospitable, which offers more to its citizens and neighbours.

On the upper side of the ship/bird three sails are hoisted, the copper and green, colours inspired by the Cyprus flag and the sun-bathed and dotted with olive trees copper producing land of Cyprus. The third colour is the blue of the sea and the clear friendly sky, which provides cover for the harmonious co-existence of peoples, and also between man and the environment, in a place profoundly and truly hospitable.

Visual Identity

The concept, design and the colours of the logo form the basis of the visual identity of the Cyprus Presidency. They which lend grace and harmony to the design of the official website, the publications, the stationery, the commemorative gifts of the Presidency, and also of the internal and external decorations to be used during the Presidency – from the Conference Centre in Nicosia to the Council Building in Brussels and from the meeting halls to the open spaces where various events will be held.

The design

The logo and visual identity of the Cyprus Presidency was conceived and designed by PARTNERS consortium. It was selected following an open invitation by the Cyprus Press and Information Office in September 2011 calling for ideas.

“The compass of the ship points to one direction only: the vision for a Better Europe, closer to the citizens, its neighbours and the world at large.”
Mr. Andreas Mavroyiannis, Deputy Minister for European Affairs.

Watch the video on the creation of the Logo of the Cyprus Presidency.