Press Release - Discussing highly skilled migration and student mobility between Asia and Europe
29.10.2012, 10:01 (CET)
Issues related to migration of highly qualified work forces and student mobility between Asia and Europe will be the focus of the 11th ASEM Conference of Directors-General of Immigration and Management of Migratory Flows, which is scheduled to take place during the Cyprus EU Presidency on 30-31 October in Nicosia. The conference is a forum for the exchange of views and experiences between EU and Asian countries on migration-related issues.

The focal point of this year’s conference is in line with the increased emphasis given on mobility by the EU’s renewed Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. In particular, the conference participants will discuss issues related to migration of highly qualified work forces and student mobility and explore how these can contribute to economic growth, cover labour market shortages, better secure and improve prosperity, welfare and well-being for the countries and people in both continents. An important question is how well-managed migration and improved possibilities for mobility can contribute to vitality and competitiveness in both EU and Asian economies.

Adapting to economic and labour market developments

During the discussions, an overview of the situation will be given, while participants will reflect on what can be anticipated in the long run in terms of economic and labour market developments, including skill shortage and demographics. The participants will further discuss the links between national labour market development (including national training and education systems) and smart labour migration policies.

During the second session, the participants will examine policies related to the migration of highly skilled persons and students in Asia and Europe. Delegates will look at how mobility and its implications can be better forecasted, managed and regulated, while considering a range of other relevant issues, including the role of the private sector and academic training and entry into the labour market for graduate students, as well as portability of social benefits. In the last session, the discussion will focus on recognition of qualifications and skills in Asia and Europe and will examine its link to integration issues (both economic and social).

The outcome of the discussions will form the basis of the Chairman’s Statement.

The Conference will be attended by representatives from 46 Asian and EU Member States, as well as officials from the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat, the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU and the IOM. The event is co-financed from the European Commission through the European Integration Fund.

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