Press Release - Emphasis on open innovation strategy for healthcare in iNNOVAHEALTH Conference
13.10.2012, 14:40 (CET)
The need for an open innovation strategy for healthcare covering the pillars of Personalised Medicine, Preventive Health and Wellness, e-health, Education and Training, Nutrition and Healthcare and Building and Ecosystem was highlighted at the Conference organised by the Cyprus EU Presidency. The event was hosted by the Cyprus Ministry of Health and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics and entitled “iNNOVAHEALTH: Open Innovation for health: a Strategy for 2020”. The conference took place on 11-13 of October, 2012 at Golden Bay Beach hotel in Larnaca.

In line with the Cyprus Presidency priorities, the conference welcomed experts from the 27 EU Member States, as well as representatives from industry, academia, Science and Social communities, international and other related European Organizations.

The workshops on the six pillars provided an excellent opportunity to debate and refine the recommendations of the task force and new recommendations were added in most cases. Participants were receptive and open to new ideas and giving comments and challenge.  The outputs from the workshops provided an important vehicle to gain a wider input to the strategy paper, as well as providing an important opportunity for networking at a regional and European level.

Discussions on best practices from representatives from Member State Governments were presented and delegates promised to take the debate about this important initiative back to their countries - acting as local ambassadors for iNNOVAHEALTH.

Support to Open Innovation

Dr. Stavros Malas, Minister of Health of Cyprus, highlighted the importance of the conference, stressing that distinguished guests in the field of preventive medicine, pharmaceutical industry, nutrition, ICT and from EU relevant institutions and other organisations have presented and discussed the challenges and the concept of open innovation and they agreed to progress iNNOVAHEALTH with urgency.

At his closing remarks, the Cypriot minister assured that he will continue to support the concept of Open Innovation and ensure that the strategy will be presented to the Competitiveness Council and the EPSCO Council (Ministers of Health) in December 2012. Dr Malas repeated that iNNOVAHEALTH is a priority.

Communications Officer
Demetris Constantinou

Ministry of Health

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11.10.2012 - 13.10.2012