Press Release – Aiming to reach common understanding on CAP Regulations and an agreement on fishing opportunities
26.11.2012, 15:54 (CET)
Agriculture Ministers of the EU will continue their efforts to achieve a common understanding on the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Regulations, as they meet in Brussels on Wednesday, November 28. The following day, Fisheries Ministers will pursue a political agreement on another important proposal regarding the fishing opportunities.

On Wednesday November 28, during the first day of the Council, the Agricultural Ministers will continue their efforts to achieve a common understanding on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform Regulations.

Three round table discussions are foreseen within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform: on the Direct Payments Regulation, the Single Common Market Organization (CMO) Regulation and the Rural Development Regulation.

Under the proposal for a regulation establishing rules for direct payments to farmers, the Direct Payment Regulation,  the issues of 'greening' and equivalence will be discussed.

On the Single CMO Regulation, the foreseen expiry of the sugar quota regime in September 2015 will be the subject of discussion.

Finally, taking into account the fact that the discussions on the Rural Development Regulation are at an advanced level, ministers will be invited to signal, in a clear and concise way, the most important issues that they consider outstanding and in need of further discussion in the Council preparatory bodies and at Council level in the near future.

Fishing Opportunities

On Thursday November 29, during the second day of the AGRI-FISH Council, the marathon efforts for reaching agreements on fishing opportunities will continue, with the proposal for a Council Regulation on fishing opportunities for EU vessels for certain deep-sea fish stocks in 2013 and 2014.

On this issue, ministers will take into account scientific advice which is now available for most stocks covered by the proposal fixing fishing opportunities for certain deep-sea fish stocks, in aiming to reach maximum sustainable yield by 2015, where possible. This will be done bytaking each total allowable catch (TAC) on a case by case basis.

Finally, there will be an exchange of views on the annual consultations between the EU and Norway in the framework of the relative bilateral agreement.

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