Press Release – Dr. Marcoullis to appear before the EP’s Plenary and Foreign Affairs Committee
11.12.2012, 12:51 (CET)
Cyprus’ Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis will appear before the European Parliament (EP) Plenary session on Wednesday, December 12, and will attend the EP’s Foreign Affairs (AFET) Committee meeting on December 13, in Strasbourg, on behalf of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Catherine Ashton. Dr. Marcoullis will discuss issues of Foreign Affairs at the EP plenary, while she is set to debrief the AFET Committee of the Conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting of October 10.

The Cypriot Minister will intervene at the afternoon session of the EP Plenary, during which she will participate  in the Joint Debate on Human Rights. Based on the reports by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Mr. Leonidas Donskis and Mr. RuiTavares, Dr. Marcoullis  will discuss the annual report on human rights and democracy in the world and review the EU's human rights strategy.

Cyprus’ Foreign Affairs Minister will then discuss the new EU-Russia Agreement on all policy fields, in the context of the report of Rapporteur MEP Mr. Hannes Swoboda and the EP’s recommendation to the Council and Commission.

On behalf of the High Representative, Dr. Marcoullis will also make a statement before the EP Plenary, concerning the situation in Egypt and the Israeli Government's decision to expand settlements in the West Bank.

Thereafter, Dr. Marcoullis will discuss the 2012 progress report on Albania, based on Rapporteur MEP Μr. Nikolaos Chountis’ report.

Finally, Dr. Marcoullis will report to the EP Plenary on the EU’s preparation for a possible influx of asylum seekers from Syria.

On December 13, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will debrief the EP’s AFET Committee on behalf of Baroness Ashton, with regard to the FAC Conclusions of December 10.

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